"Taboola Feed" infinite scroll down page

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Please see this website:

It's a brazilian news site. Don't worry, there's not malwares, only a lot of ads banners.

Well, AdBlocker Plus extension blocked all the ads, except the Taboola feed. At the end of the website there is a comment section, but you can't reach that section because Taboola will add more and more ads while you scroll down the page.
I blocked Taboola including a personal filter in AdBlocker Plus.

But, could Edge have a built-in feature to block Taboola and similar "infinite pages"?
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Using ublock which also includes adblocker plus filters And a lot of other ones, I don't see any infinite scrolling element in there, nor do i see any ads. the websites and its comment section works just fine.
if Microsoft decides to make such a powerful adblocker like ublock into the Edge browser they'd have to hire a team dedicated just to keep those filters updated regularly.


in the picture you can see is marked as red, meaning it's blocked completely.


Annotation 2019-08-26 214205.png


Thanks @HotCakeX 

I will give a try to uBlock Origin* ... I will disable temporarily AdBlock Plus and try uBlock for a week

I saw that there is uBlock Origin and another called just uBlock... 


You're welcome!

the extension you want is ublock origin yes.

direct link:


Annotation 2019-08-26 233351.png


when you first time go to the ublock origins extension options, enable these settings:


Annotation 2019-08-26 233721.png



I've enabled all of the available filters (except for country specific ones) from the Filter Lists tab in the extension option. 

Annotation 2019-08-26 233211.png


Thanks again @HotCakeX  !!!


Hi, there is a version of uBlock Origin in the Microsoft Store:


I don't know if it was added recently or not. I'm testing both versions to see if there is a difference in memory usage.

Maybe you are interested in testing too.

I installed it while i had the chrome store extension version already and surprisingly it was successfully installed and showed no error!
I'm sure they are the same but the version is older in Microsoft Edge insider extension store,
v1.21.6 vs v1.22.2



Hi, would you mind telling me which filters you use in the "Custom" section of uBlock Origin?

I'm using all of the filters it has by default except for the country specific ones.
btw it has cloud sync support to save your filter settings, whitelist etc but it's just not supported on Edge insider yet, works well on Google Chrome.