"Tab Title" should show PDFs Title Text of the file if set

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The upcomming version of Edge browser should show PDFs document title, if set, instead of only showing the PDFs file name.


Sometimes the Name of a PDF file could be very "simple", e.g. doc4711.pdf.


While on HTML documents, the "Tab Title" Displays the "text of the <title>Hello</title> tag", i would like to have this behavior when Opening PDF documents in Edge, too.

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Hi @mhuellwegen - great question and ask. I dug in to this and discovered the PDF document should have the Title metadata set. Afterwards, a browser (not just Edge Insider) will use it for rendering the tab title.


In short, the PDF author/creator needs to set the data field. Via Acrobat Pro, open the PDF and select File -> Properties -> Description and then edit the metadata title.


Hope this helps.



Hi @DarrenMH - Thanks  for your reply.


Before i've posted my suggestion, i double checked this "missing" behavior on MS Edge (44.17763.1.0).

While e.g. Chrome (74.0.3729.169)
does it best "TitleOnly" as Tab-Label, i realised that my MS Edge Browser does not care about the "MetaTitle" in the metadata of the PDF, also not, if the title is proper set with Acrobat or a PDF library.


By the way, Firefox (66.0.3) showing both in the Format "Title - and Filename.pdf" as Tab-Label, what i think is to much.


There is a little workaround for MS Edge: If the source for the PDF is an URL to e.g. an ASPX-Script, MS Edge make use of the last Folders name (the last part of the URL before Parameters, assuming this is the PDFs filename) for rendering the tab title, while behind this szenario a default.aspx script (not mentioned in the URL) delivers the PDF. So you can Play with the last Folders Name as a propper title.


By the way, extra URL Parameters behind a "?" are also ignored for rendering the tab title.

Great info@mhuellwegen 


I don't have access, for example, to Acrobat Pro, to play with PDF metadata. I'll get a bug/request on this this morning.


Again, thanks for the details, very helpful.



I have the following version:

Version 87.0.664.75 (Official build) (64-bit)

And am seeing the same issue with a PDF working correctly in Google Chrome, but not in Edge (ie Chrome displays the correct title, while Edge displays the filename). 


For reference, this can be tested using PDFLatex (via Overleaf) by using the following in the header of the document.

            pdfauthor={Auth Name},
            pdftitle={A random - title},
            pdfsubject={rand sub},


Then, after saving the PDF as a different name than in the field "pdftitle," opening the same file in Edge and Chrome can reveal the differing behaviors.

Hi, this is in 2024 and still the issue is not fixed. Chrome displays title but Edge shows filename. Any work-around to pick the title until you fix it.

Any update on this issue?