"Tab Hover Card Images" Flag is Missing in Microsoft Edge (Canary).

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In Chrome (Canary), a flag called "Tab Hover Card Images" is present which enables tab previews, as shown here:



Here's a preview of the flag:Screenshot (479).png


However, this flag is missing from Microsoft Edge (Chromium):Screenshot (480).png


Since Microsoft Edge has always have tab previews present since its inception, so it would be great if Microsoft Edge (Chromium) also has this flag present. Or rather, this flag should be enabled by default.

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This is the same in Dev

and when microsoft will respond to us about that ?

In Version I have a whole slew of options under that flag. The cards do not show under default setting. Don't know the difference between Enabled, Enabled B, Enabled C yet.





@Jacques Van de Meerssche - That's a different flag and it doesn't generate tab previews. You can see that flag in the screenshot I attached in my post.


The tab preview can only be enabled with the "Tab Hover Card Images" flag. The same flag is present in Brave as well, which is also based on the Chromium project, and Opera and Vivaldi have their own tab preview functionality. So, I am not sure what's stopping the Microsoft Edge team from including that flag or introducing an alternative when the original Edge has supported it for a long time.

I agree, the new Edge should have this feature.
Still waiting on this basic feature to get added.

@Jacques Van de Meerssche 


Don't know the difference between Enabled, Enabled B, Enabled C yet.

I remember that when these options appeared in Chrome Canary 8 months ago, I talked about the difference between each of them on Reddit and in other forums. The difference between Enabled, Enabled B and Enabled C is the time it takes for the card to appear after hover the pointer over the tab, the difference is small but it's noticeable. This is one of the gifs that I created at that time:



It's the same in the new Edge.

Maybe they are planning to make their own version of tab preview like in Edge classic that appears on top of the tab bar.
IMO that's better and won't be copying whatever google does.