"Suggest Strong Passwords" isn't working for me.

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I've tried "Suggest Strong Passwords," but it's not working for me.

I'm on Edge Beta 88.0.705.49

To test, I went to a web site (for which I had no prior account) and went to create an account. I expected Edge to offer passwords. But it didn't.

How do I get this working? Am I missing something?

(Secondarily, how do I use this feature when I change a password? Seems to me, Edge only offers the existing password to fill the password field (not new "Strong Passwords." What I really want to do is replace my old simple passwords with complex ones generated by Edge.)
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I have the same problem, the password generator only works in very few websites, not all of them. and I want Edge password generator to suggest strong password during sign up, even when I already have a set of credentials saved in that website.

if you haven't already, submit a feedback using the feedback button on Edge
press (...) menu => help and feedback => submit feedback
Same problem, doesnt work for me in 100 percent of websites in any version or channel. How did it get into stable like that? I did send feedback a while ago but no response so far

@carms @Captain_Eric 



an update to this, from one of the developers:



"password generation not being offered on many pages is a big issue we're trying to tackle right now.  We're using machine learning to figure out what actually is a sign up page since it's not like there's any standard for them, but to help fill in the gaps, we've got a form here that anybody can fill out if they run into a site that it isn't triggering for: 




I have personally submitted +30 sites so far.


@HotCakeX thx, interesting but I wonder how Google did solve the problem. Never had an issue there. I switched back to Chrome because of it.

Chrome had many years to overcome that problem, Edge added this feature only few months ago.
exactly what I am talking about
Same here, I've just reported this to support and ended up here :) hello
on Edge canary, it's working by default on almost all websites.
the changes will gradually come to lower channels too such as Dev, Beta and then stable.
on canary, its still not working for me. not at all. its turned on in the settings


@carms wrote:
on canary, its still not working for me. not at all. its turned on in the settings

which website did you try? do you have a link to its sign up page so i can test?

Thank you,
if you right-click on the password field, you should see "suggest strong password" option on it.
(it might be controlled feature rollout meaning not available to everyone just yet)

also there is a form here where you can submit websites that strong password feature don't work on automatically:

here is comment from one of the Edge developers about this:
I know andI dont have that option. Maybe I am not lucky.

@HotCakeX it does work now for me now. I have the suggest option now in canary and in stable on my devices. I did switch back to edge today.

Oh on stable too? nice :)
yes I just noticed it however not on every site. its a bit strange

you mean there are websites with Sign up passwords fields where you right-click and you don't get the option to generate strong password, in Edge canary?
if there is, please add the link here

I get the right click option when I am using canary on every sites, on stable I did get the option too but so far it was only available in a control panel that I use to manage email accounts. That is very strange.