"Save As" option for download

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For downloads, I would like to see a "Save As" option, like the current Edge (and Internet Explorer), which would allow you to download the file to a directory of your choosing. Currently, I have to go to the "Downloads" folder and move it each time after the download completes.

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Bruce, go to Settings, Downloads and turn on the option to Ask where to save each file before downloading. This will let you put it where you want and name it as you want.

The way Edge does "Save As" is that it always will ask you but sometime you just want to save it to the download folder, and sometimes you don't even want to save it but open it directly. The non insider version of Edge does this now.


Hi Anthony,

What you mention is the norm, an expected standard.  Edge C is, presently, lacking a number of things 'we' have come to consider standard equipment. What finally comes rolling off the assembly line best have all the amenities that folks reckon do not need to be specially ordered or add-ons. :crossed_fingers:


Perhaps a little late to the party on (the) Edge, I updated to the production version of the new Edge yesterday.


Sad to say, Microsoft Edge now feels lost to/immersed in Google Chrome - including the missing "Save (download) as"-button.


Or is Microsoft lost to Google...