"Save as" in embedded PDF behaviour is wrong

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Hi all


I have noticed that if you click "Save as" in an embedded PDF, the browser tries to save the whole website (HTML) instead of the PDF itself. Because the same in Chrome browser saves the PDF file. And it is also not expected, as the other function like Rotate and Print are meant for the PDF and not for the whole website.




Try out here: https://www.w3docs.com/tools/code-editor/1077


Just tested with Stable 80, Beta 81 and latest CAN build.


Is this a bug or a feature?


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the Save button on the toolbar that Edge provides, correctly saves the file as PDF.

It shouldn't be a bug because websites developers use HTML code to embed PDF in their websites, so it's not pure PDF file but a website that is using other elements to host the PDF. so Edge correctly tries to capture the whole page when you right-click and save.
in this case the save button on the Edge toolbar should be used to save the PDF file only.


@HotCakeX  Sure, the save button works. But it is not intuitively because the normal user expect to get the PDF saved. As I mentioned this is also the case in Chrome browser.

Yes but as I said it's PDF embedded, not directly opening PDF file. a website developer can embed multiple files next to each other with other HTML contents between them. browser can't possible know which one user wants when right-clicking and choosing save.

that option is for the whole page and web pages are written in HTML.

@HotCakeX But why does the browser than know, that Print and Rotate is only for the embedded PDF and NOT for the whole page?

That's obvious, because it's the whole page and not a PDF file.

@HotCakeX  No, it is not obvious.  If I click to Rotate only the PDF is rotated not the whole page:






That's what should happen.
Edge doesn't have page rotate, only PDF rotate.
there is nothing wrong with that.

@HotCakeX But how can a normal user know, what the target is for? We have one context menu but multiple targets:


Save asis for the whole page
Printis for the PDF only
Rotate clockwiseis for the PDF only
Rotate counterwiseis for the PDF only


And further more, the same context menu in Chrome has "Save as" only for the PDF.


I think we do not find an agreement on that :)


I have opened a Support Request to address this. It is not obvious IMO.

Rotation is for PDFs only.

when you right-click on a PDF, whether it's embedded inside a web page or directly opened in Edge with .PDF extension, you get that option.

when you right-click anywhere else on web page you don't get that rotation option.
I've already explained many times in this thread. a PDF file can be embedded inside a web page that is written in HTML language.

the right-click menu offers rotation only when you right-click on places where there is a PDF, you don't get to rotate the whole web page.

now which part of it is hard to understand? I can explain it 1000 more times if you want, np with me :)

@HotCakeX This issue has been addressed and fixed by Microsoft. It works since DEV 86.0.602.0.