"Other Favorites" wastes space on Favorites Bar

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"Other Favorites" should be taken off the Favorites Bar and placed under Favorites (>).  It is taking up space on the Favorites Bar that I want to use for my choice of favorites.  There should be only one dropdown of favorites.

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Tony, the Favorites Bar takes up space. I was using it & Ctrl+Shift+B to turn it On & Off until, FS.jpgcame along.  Now, that can just be used without having the Fav Bar showing, even, whilst it's needed for a moment.  This would make your concern a moot point for you if, you care to consider it...  Also, indeed, means Favs DO only have 1 drop-down.


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Hi @Tony_Stone 

I like the idea, i think this line should be draggable so we can hide the other favorites or show it.


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Other ways:


The new favorites button added to the toolbar is kind of an alternative but most of the times I prefer using horizontal favorites toolbar instead of the vertical favorites list. 


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and lastly, to get the most of the favorites toolbar, you can set your obvious favorites to "Icon only", for example I did it for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc because seeing their Icon is enough for me to tell me which website it is. hope that helps :)

@Drew1903  Thank you for your suggestion, but I like the Favorites bar.  I do not like Microsoft using more of it than necessary.


"Other favorites" is only included on the Favorites bar if you've added a favorite there. If you move or delete any favorites from Other favorites then it disappears from the Favorites bar (until you re-add one).

@Bruce Roberts 

Bruce, we should, also, mention... IF, one has Reading List Saves, that were pulled over from (original) Edge, that is 'inside' Other Favorites and it won't disappear with that there.  However, if, via Manage Favorites, that folder is moved (Drag-n-Drop) to Favorites Bar, in its alphabetical spot, now, the Other Favorites will, indeed, disappear.  If, one doesn't have Reading List Saves then, just don't have URLs in or added to Other Favorites.

And, I'd like to re-mention making all one can icons only saves Fav Bar space; can be done for any dissimilar icons.

My own Other Favorites is 'gone'; I did what it took to make it be 'gone'.


@Bruce Roberts  Thank you.  I did not realize that I could move Favorites, but I found out how. 


:thumbs_up::thumbs_up:  Yes, good ole Drag-n-Drop :happyface:


in edge://favorites/

CTRL + A to select all bookmarks in a folder and either with keyboard shortcuts or drag and drop to put them on other places
big thanks for this suggestion. i can now see all my key favorites.