"Browser out of date" message on Edge for Android

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I'm using the Microsoft Edge on PC and phone since a long time ago and I always keep the all my apps up to date via Play Store.


I'm, including, a beta tester and, in theory I'm in the last version, however, even that, I'm receiving the message "browser out of date" or "Please, update your browser" in a lot of sites.


I took two screenshots (attached bellow) from this one, but the text is in Portuguese. I needed download the Chrome for open this two sites and view its content.


My version is the (updated yesterday). I'm with a Galaxy S10e running the Android 10 in the last update as well.

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I can't read/understand what it's saying but it could be 2 things. either those sites are not popular and don't support Edge user agent (for some weird reason) or tracking prevention at max and some sort of blocking is causing that.

@vctgomes well that message is not obvious given the fact that Edge on mobile still runs version 77 of Chromium, whereas we are testing v87 on Desktop. Just type edge://flags or search Google for 'my user agent' in address bar and see the results. I have sent feedback so many times to the team, but they have not responded a single time.

@Rohit Yadav yeah. I just googled my user agent and I saw exactly what you've said. The Edge beta is running the chrome 77, while the Stable Chrome is running the chrome 83.


It's really a pity that Edge for Android is abandoned. So many bugs, features missing, design problems and more. 

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Edge on Android is now on the latest version, the same as Edge desktop, everything is new and up to date.

So incredible ! Wonderful ! Will there be a dev channel?


@Tio_Dep wrote:
So incredible ! Wonderful ! Will there be a dev channel?

We don't know yet but I'd assume yes, after a while

Thank youuu! Now I can go back to use the Edge for Android (and I already did!)