Quick Link icons on the New Tab Page are broken (MacOS, Canary and Dev)

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Is anyone running either the Dev or Canary builds of Edge for MacOS seeing their Quick Link icons?


My icons have been broken for over a week now.  I already submitted feedback.  Just wondering if everyone is having this problem or if it's something specific to me.


Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 11.19.01 AM.png


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even though not using Mac, but I've been seeing that for a week as well on Windows, first Canary and then Dev since the last update. saw a couple of other users reporting the same thing.

I think whatever broken them is somehow related to this because it also appeared around the same time as the bug.




the fact that they are adding a 2nd row to the quick links and that broke something in the process. just my thoughts :)

@HotCakeX Thank you, I'm glad knowing it's not something particular to me.


The 2 row control feature is not yet on MacOS, but when inspecting the New Tab Page's code I saw references to two lines of Quick Links.  


At one point I tried removing all the quick link icons to see if that would fix the problem.  As I deleted each icon, one appeared in its place -- standard links like Bing, Wikipedia, etc... Those standard links did have work icons.





Yeah, seeing the same behavior here :)

Happen to me as well: Windows 10, Microsoft Edge Dev build 91.0.852.0. All newtab page icon are broken. But in stable build, it works just fine (no icon broken).


Looks like internal database/file system corruption, since this link try to fetch icon from local files (although I don't know where they actually being stored in file system).



ditto, broken on my end

Version 91.0.852.0 (Official build) Dev (x86_64)
This issue seems to be fixed in Canary Build 91.0.862.0.

@Rohit Yadav I hope I am able to download it soon.  I think there's something wrong with the new upgrade mechanism on MacOS.  I'm getting "An error occurred. (Error code: 5) (Extra code: 0)"  This had been working great until today.



it's still broken in Version 91.0.862.0 

the rows are set to 2 but only 1 is shown.

when you set it to off, they are still shown.

Maybe in the next version or future versions quick links will be completely fixed.




Maybe related to the new Edge Updater? Try sending Feedback to the team.
The issue I have replied here is for the favicons that were broken, not the Quick Links Rows.
We can't see the full set, the 2nd row's icons might be still broken which are hidden and bugged.



Good news -- This issue appears to be fixed on MacOS (DEV branch) with the upgrade this morning.  I received notification via email from MS thanking me for the report and letting me know that it's been fixed.


Unfortunately I haven't been able to upgrade CANARY for several days due the in-app upgrade not working properly so it's still broken on my installation of CANARY. 


There's a separate discussion thread about the CANARY upgrading bug.  I don't know how widespread that problem is.