Quick Action for Selected texts

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Would be good to have a quick action when we select a word or text when browsing.


For example, if I need to copy a word or text, I have to select it and then right click to copy.


If we could have a quick action that once we select a word or text to automatically show a quick action with at least two options: Copy and Search the web.

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Hi @Luiz Lucena, I would love to learn more about the scenario that you are trying to unblock with this.  Are you a keyboard first, mouse first, touch first user, or somewhere in the middle? Is this an action that you repeat often enough that the right click into the context menu is slowing you down needlessly?  Please tell me more.  Thanks - Elliot


Hi @Elliot Kirk,


Sure, here it goes.


I've been using Opera Browser for a long time, but since all browsers are becoming Chromium-based and this new Edge integrates seamlessly with Enterprise Site List Mode without the need to open up another window with IE11, I decided to leave Opera and give a try to the new Edge. 
Now, only one to rule them all... 

Most of the time I'm a mouse-first, but even if I was using the touch pad on the laptop it would be the same.


Let's say, you selected a word or phrase, or ticket number to paste somewhere else. See the picture below got from Opera:

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 8.24.51 PM.png


With a single, left click, I've selected the text and that little quick actions show up, then a second click to select the action and done. Only two clicks.


The same action in Edge would require at least three clicks.


That might be seem almost nothing, but when you need to do this overtime, during an entire work day, it makes a big difference if this little enhancement were put in place.




@Luiz Lucena 

I like this idea, if we could have some control over what options come. "Copy" and "Search" might be useful; Dictionary another. 


This would be useful for people who work on the web (i.e. webdev, writing in a web app, serial commentators and posters, haha). 


I think the mobile paradigm has really made a user expectation that you can select text -> search very quickly (and I do this often on mobile). Reducing that friction would be neat.


My only two "well, be careful" thoughts: 1) the UI should pop up cleanly around all sorts of websites and text boxes without obstructing other content (iOS does this well, IMO) and 2) some configuration is needed or else it turns into a nuisance (e.g., configure what options and what order they show up, enable/disable the entire feature per URI).