Questions about slow website opening and translation errors

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First of all, in many cases, the speed of opening most websites with Microsoft Edge browser is much slower than other browsers (such as Google Chrome). Especially when opening the forum, his speed will be much slower. I hope this can be improved.
     Secondly, when using the translation function that comes with the Microsoft Edge browser to translate some websites, the translated translation sometimes makes the website garbled, and it is also the same as using it to translate Microsoft websites. I also hope that you can improve this and make this function more perfect!
     Finally, I wish the Microsoft Edge team can survive the epidemic safely! You have worked hard!

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The Microsoft Tech community is naturally slower than other websites, specially for people in China (saw others from China reporting the same thing) or if you're using VPN. it's not related to Edge.


about translation, could you attach a screenshot or a video showing how the translation problem happens?


also which channel/version of Edge are you using?


lastly, it's also great to send these feedback using the feedback button on top of Edge browser, you will receive emails from the team when the problem is solved.




Stay safe as well! :)



@HotCakeX Thank you for your reply! This problem occurs from time to time. When I want to take a screenshot to feed back the problem, he is just fine; when I am not going to take a screenshot, this problem will occasionally appear. I used 80.0.361.109 and 83.0.467.0 dev these two versions. In fact, there is another problem with the translation function: many times there is an embarrassing situation where there is no translation button. I will attach the relevant pictures later, please also help you to see, thank you!

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it's nice to meet you too :)

please make sure to check this box in Edge language settings: edge://settings/languages




also you can right-click on any page and choose translate, If the icon doesn't appear on the address bar at top.




I am also very happy to see you again! Now that the problem has been solved, thank you for your answer!Goodbye!
Glad to hear that, you're very welcome, have a good one!