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When will we on Canary start getting the "Vertical Tabs, Smart Copy, etc..." to test out before it goes live?   From the video you all are showing it looks good enough to be coming to Canary by now...  lol I'm drooling for the chance to test these new features...  :D



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Answer: when it's ready :)
Hahahaha, now how did I know you were going to be the first one to reply with this sort of answer. lol :face_with_tears_of_joy:

You know though, when they play that video those features look very, very ready to go live with no further testing....

The UI yes maybe, but the code behind them probably needs more work
With all they are doing in that video i.e... grouping tabs, selecting different tabs and moving them etc... and the smart copy function all looked like they were working pretty well... Good enough maybe to send to us to test. :D Or, maybe I'm just that bored with being cooped up I want more...


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Ok, so umm when??

Vertical tabs

It's easy to end up with a ton of tabs open. The more you have open, the more difficult it becomes to find, switch between, and manage them. With vertical tabs, you can easily shift to view your tabs in a pane to the side. This allows you to easily see the titles and access controls like mute and close. It even makes it easy to reorder your tabs, with the ability to drag and drop to rearrange. When you want to focus on a specific page, you can collapse the pane. Anytime you need to switch between tabs, you can hover over the pane to see all the information you need. The new Microsoft Edge is the only browser to offer built-in vertical tab navigation allowing for a more streamlined experience.


Any time line on when/if Canary will get this to test?



Any Updates on when Vertical Tabs will hit Canary?