QQ4: are the current apps apple cpu compatible without rosetta?

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Are the current apps apple cpu compatible without rosetta? Just to know

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With Rosetta yes, for new M1 chips, Rosetta 2 is used.

@HotCakeX  yes, but the question is "are all 5x Edge apps apple cpu compatible, no matter of rosetta", because all apps are now m1 compatible, but once rosetta is removed (example in 2025) such apps don't work anymore. 


Now we exclude the topic "Edge devs release new Apps until 2025, like they did until now". is only about compatibility of current apps. For example can i use a flash compatible Edge in 2022 without rosetta? Or can i use a 2020 version, if in 2021 edge devs remove some features (like apple did with safari, or other browser too). 


Is the same like asking "Can i use Firefox 64 on Apple CPU?" and the answer is "no, Firefox 64 with PNG support is not Apple CPU compatible, even if i can run it on M1"

You have to ask it on apple forums and support.
Edge is just like any other app, Firefox, Chrome, Photoshop etc, all of them work on AMD and Intel CPUs. in additional to that, Edge works on ARM processors as well. M1 chip is based on ARM so technically it should work.
for any other info, apple needs to answer you about their upcoming changes. because it's related their software.

Running Edge on ARM PC is not the same like running Edge on Big Sur (with Intel) or running on ARM Mac with Rosetta and Big Sur or ARM Mac without Rosetta (maybe MacOS 11.6) or inside Parallels Desktop using a ARM Mac without Rosetta support (ex. MacOS 11.6 with BigSur in Parallels). There are huge difference. 

I know, that's why you have to ask apple, they are making this change to their system.