QQ1: do you think to implement a sort of highlight text sync to all devices in liner style?

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I think syncing clipboard is a task that needs to be handled by the OS, not browser, and Windows 10 syncs clipboard across other Windows 10 devices, securely.

@HotCakeX highlight sync is not clipboard sync. with highlight sync you can use such feature to:

1) highlight, how many user use it (i do it too)

2) mark which website have you visited previously, or maybe you mark some things that you still need to do

3) same as 2, inside the hoarding workflow, to know which files have you already downloaded previously.

4) access quickly to site without need to add url to bookmark or collections (and if they add a sync account different from edge, you can have your highlight on all edge accounts too)

5) keep track of the original link for downloaded photos you use in a thesis for example

6) ...


i agree. sync clipboard should happen via mac. i still use a clipboard app in chrome, but without sync. so i track all text that i copied inside edge.


It's hard to understand what you are describing without an example to accompany it, at least for me