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Hi team ♥


First of all i'm super glad of all the changes which have been made on edge chronium recently.

Foccusing on PWA 2 more options added whrn you install 

  • install allowing having tabs
  • & launch on windows start

But allowing tabs spot on a visual bug for me wich is tabs overlays minimal-ui in manifest.




Am i the only one or should we tell devs to fix it ? 




@HotCakeX @Elliot_Kirk  @josh_bodner 


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@brandonlazarre I'll make sure the PWA team is aware!  

@josh_bodner  and @brandonlazarre: thanks for bringing this to my attention. I really appreciate you taking the time to checkout new features. I've actually disabled the flag for now, actually, because there are quite a number of bugs with the current implementation. Please do let us know if you see anything additionally, because I want to get all of these things fixed before I re-enable the flag.




First of all, thank to both of you @johnjansen and @josh_bodner  for taking the time to read my post.


And secondly, I will stay in touch with everything related to PWA and its integration throught Edge-Chronium. I have another update in 2 days to publish so of course i'll let you know if i found anything else to fix about that.


GLAD to participate anyways :happyface:

Take care everyone LOVE U ALL ♥

-Brandon LAZARRE