Push Notifications Inconsistent

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Hi all,


Currently running the latest Dev channel release (88.0.685.3) on 2 laptops (1 Windows, 1 Mac), but have been having this issue on both for as long as I can remember.


Push Notifications just don't work on most websites (I've also just installed Canary on both laptops and confirmed it happens on there too). Some examples:


  • YouTube: Notifications are allowed and turned on in YT settings, but none appear
  • Twitter: Same as above, notifications are allowed and turned on, but don't appear
  • Facebook: Notifications are allowed in Edge settings, but the option to enable them in Facebook doesn't appear at all when using Edge:
    Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 8.37.17 am.png
    (However I just noticed it appears if I use a User Agent extension to appear as Chrome)
    But using another browser, the setting appears as normal:
    Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 8.38.07 am.png

There are some sites where notifications work without issue, e.g. Gmail, Reddit, most notification test sites.


I've tried everything I can think of:

  • reset all website permissions
  • disable and re-enable Edge notifications in System Preferences
  • completely uninstall and re-install Edge
  • Check the OS itself is up to date on both laptops

Nothing seems to resolve it. Any other suggestions, or ideas as to why this is only happening for some websites?

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@MitchDahl i have two or tree suggestions.

If you are on windows 10

1. Go to System setting, system, notification and action, and see if (autorise notification to emit sound), and see if edge is checked on the list.


2. In System setting, system, concentration assistant, disable it and disable automatic rules (during the test).


3. System settings privacy notification and check they are enabled and autorise app to have access to them (some time if i disable that notification "just" don't work).


If these tree fail, i think it's better to fill a bug (alt + shift +i) and/or wait than a moderator see this post an come to you.

Thanks for the reply @Wittycat, have tried all of that but unfortunately doesn't do anything. Will file bug reports for the websites where it's not working :)
Try turning on these flags
Thanks @HotCakeX, have enabled those on my Windows PC and will see how it goes.

On Mac (which is what I'm using 90% of the time) those flags don't exist, so I'm back to square one there unfortunately.


yes and on Windows 10 make sure you're on latest version, 20H2.



Definitely on 20H2. It seemed to work for Twitter, so thanks for the suggestion. But on Facebook I still don't have the option to enable push notifications in the first place like I do with other browsers (as shown in those first screenshots I posted).


Also, this is only for Windows, as the Mac version doesn't have those flags at all, so I'm still stuck there lol. Thanks again though.

You're welcome,
not sure about Mac but push notifications work and can be enabled, it's just Facebook not doing it for Edge. shouldn't be any technical barrier since Twitter, Outlook etc is doing it