Provide shortcut keys to the web translation function

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Requirement Background:


My English reading ability is not good, and sometimes I need to use webpage translation to read large articles.

However, at present, the level of machine translation is limited, and there are some translation errors when viewing professional technical documents, so I often need to quickly switch between the translated text and the original text after web translation in order to compare and understand.


Therefore, I hope that edge can provide a shortcut key to quickly switch between the translation and the original text of the web page translation.


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do you mean a shortcut for this button?







And to add, it's not only a shortcut to the 'Show Original' button, but also a shortcut to 'Translate to {language}'.

With this shortcut, I can switch back and forth between the original text and the translated text.

My English is not good, I hope my expression can make you understand what I mean.