Provide InPrivate mode without having to go to a dedicated window

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For Microsoft Edge for Windows :


Provide InPrivate mode in the current window itself (in addition to a dedicated window mode).


Most of the times I just want to see one or two pages (even from the same site) in InPrivate mode, rather than going full on InPrivate for several hours straight. An InPrivate button for enabling this within the main window would come really handy thus. This is a relatively clutter free way of having short sessions that one doesn't want registered in their search history. Some Chinese OEMs have this functionality in their smartphone browser. I think this will be as great (if not an even greater) convenience for laptop/desktop users and it will render obsolete the 'open link in InPrivate window' option for most users.


Aside from less clicks and easier switching, this functionality allows a user to view both kinds of tabs in the same window and one doesn't have to switch to and fro constantly between windows just because one of the tabs they are using is opened in private mode.  The private tabs can be marked with a different color or, as in the case of some browsers that have this feature implemented, the whole window can become InPrivate for a given time period (until the user turns off that mode) thereby enabling one to make clicks in the same window that are not registered in the history. 


Additionally, make light theme available for InPrivate windows, like how the android version does.


For Android edge :


Make Collections feature available in InPrivate mode in android.

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@cheeseleader Thanks for that great, detailed feedback! I've passed this on to our InPrivate team, and will let you know if they have any additional thoughts.


Fawkes (they/them)
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Now you can't access history in InPrivate mode. You should be able to remember the URL. This is going in the exact opposite direction.