Provide a feature to change a group's icon on the bookmarks bar

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There are several extensions available in order to change the "favicon"* of a website ... But I can't find anything that can change a group's icon (the yellow folder LazieWouters_0-1605785836781.png ) ...

for example, I have a group on the bookmark with several links to game sites, so I would like the group icon to be for example an xBox or PlayStation controller, so that the group would be more easily identifiable ...


the icon that appears on the website's tab and on the bookmarks bar when the website is pinned

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Yeah, or at least let us change the colors, if not custom pictures
@Deleted There could also be an emoji list, but I don't want Edge to be too feature-crowded. Many people would quit using Edge.
You can rename a favorite and enter an emoji.
I would love different colored folder icons (customizable)