Progressive Display of Bing Background Image - 4K Display

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I have noticed on 4K displays, both using HDMI and DisplayPort, when I go to with the image of the day, the image fill is not continuous. Typically, it loads top to bottom in three to four discrete sections. It is pretty fast, but noticeable and is somewhat jarring. I am seeing this on three different displays.

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Is this issue still present in the latest Microsoft Edge Insider Build Dev Channel and Canary Channel?




@v-gapart I have not noticed this in recent builds. I will update this if i see it again.



The progressive display behavior for Bing Background Image is back. I am seeing it in both Canary and Dev The image builds in roughly thirds from top to bottom.


I am currently on a 1920x1200 display through a DisplayPort connection and docking station. I had been noticing it recently, but less pronounced. Today it is quite visible.


I am also submitting this through the smiley feedback.