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I really like the vertical tabs!  Easy to use and compact.  I usually run with multiple browser sessions and multiple profiles.  The profile Icon is on the far right which, if I stack my sessions with vertical tabls on the left, I cannot see which profile is which.  I use that to check for unread emails, etc. based what I see in the tab icon.  Any way to show the profile icon in alignment with the vertical tabs?

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at the moment, there is no way to either move vertical tabs or the profile icon to somewhere else.
but feel free to suggest it using the feedback button on Edge (Shortcuts: Alt + shift + i )

in the meantime, I could suggest to stick tabs side by side.
by default, in Windows 10, you could stick 2 tabs side by side to fill the entire screen, or you could stick them side by side but only take half of the screen (either the upper half or the lower half), the 3rd way is to have 4 windows in a 4x4 fashion, which will take the entire screen space.
for more custom organizing you could use PowerToys.

Another thing you could do is to install your Email client as an app on Edge so you will receive native push notifications as well as notification badges on the app icon on taskbar.


press Edge's (...) menu button => Apps => Install this site as an app


hope that helps

Excellent advice! Thank you for takingthe time to respond!
You're welcome!

You can also use different custom themes to color the windows of your different profiles. I use this to help me differentiate between my work profile and my personal profile. To change your theme go to edge://settings/appearance and click on either link under the Custom Theme heading. The first will take you to the Microsoft Add-On store where you can select a colorful custom theme.

Thanks! Custom Theme's gets me to a reasonable solution at the moment and my desktop is a bit more colorful. ;)