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I know that there is an option for Edge to try and determine Personal vs Work links. I don't know much about how that works though it doesn't cover my scenario anyway as I have many work accounts.

I would like some control over what links open in what profile. For example:


1) Be able to assign a default profile to a Windows desktop. Any linked open in any program should open that profile.

2) Have the option to be prompted which profile to open. So when a link is clicked a prompt listing the profiles is available (including Guest).

3) An awesome option would be in Outlook/Mail to determine if the Outlook profile has a Edge profile for the same account. If so open in that profile.



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@Simon D'Morias Thanks for reaching out! I'll pass this along to our Identity team and let you know if they have any insights to share.


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Thanks for this awesome feedback, we've heard about this from other users too. You can set a default profile (#1 in your list) by navigating to edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings. #2 and #3 are some other things that are on our roadmap too :)