Profile preferences for sites - Include virtual directories, path

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Profile preferences for sites is a great feature however it is a little restrictive.


I regularly work with multiple companies that use their own instance of Azure DevOps. For various reasons I need to use different logins for each instance and the log out / log in / 2FA cycle is painful so I use different profiles


At the moment I can only define a Profile Preference for the domain

I would like to be able to define a Profile Preference for each organisation


It might be worth considering query-strings as part of this as well?

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I have the same situation with Azure DevOps. For example, when I receive an email notification with a link to some work item, it will work only for one company. For the others, I need to copy-paste into different browsers to avoid log out / log in /2FA. Unless someone have a better workflow.
It would be great if the "Website" in "Choose preferred profile for sites" supported url path. Maybe use URL Pattern API, path-to-regex, etc. to have it even more flexible?
Very similar situation for me as well. I work for multiple clients, many of which are using the web tools such as Azure DevOps.

Currently switching to the correct O365 account in Edge based on subfolders does not work as expected.