Profile pic at top right corner is absent.

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Profile pic at top right corner is absent.Its only showing a user badge but not my profile picture of account which is signed into the edge.

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Mine is OK, fwiw
Then, should I consider it as a bug or something?

I have the same problem at the moment. I did a reset of my PC so I had to reinstall the Edge Developer build. I connected my MS account (the same account as before) to the Edge Developer build and for some reason, I no longer see my profile picture in the upper right corner. It's just the stock user badge. 

Mine, too

It is showing for me in both Canary 153.0 and Dev 139.4.

Mine is there as well Canary 153
I should have tried signing out and signing back in before I posted because that seems to have fixed it. All back to normal.

Just to be sure that we are talking about the same thing.  You are referring to the profile picture in the browser chrome, and NOT the profile picture for the Tech Community forums, right?Capture.PNG

For those who don't have their profile picture, which versions of Microsoft Edge are you running?

@Elliot Kirk 

Yeah, I was referring to the profile picture in the browser UI, not the Tech Community forums. For some reason, when I signed into Edge with my MS account, my profile picture didn't load the first time. Signing out of Edge and signing back in fixed it for me.

4/10? Really...

@techWiz118 I am glad that fixed it.  I will still let the identity folks know that users are having this issue.

In my Microsoft Account page the profile picture in the main window near my name is different than the picture on the top right corner. 

I can change the profile picture but the picture on the top right corner is always the same, a picture that I used some some weeks ago.

@Elliot Kirk 

Why does a picture appear on my friends outlook email account on top right of someone else