Profile image is no longer showing after refreshing Windows 10

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I had an issue and needed to refresh Windows, however, after reinstalling Edge and signing in with my Hotmail account, my profile image is not showing anymore. This is happening with all channels that I have installed (Canary, Dev and stable). I already signed out and signed in again, but no luck.


My other machine in which I have also signed in with a Microsoft account is showing the profile image normally, so something was broken after doing the refresh in this PC. Is there any cache or file that handles account signin in that I could delete?



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make sure Edge is fully closed and then delete "User Data" folder from here

"C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data"

replace UserName with your own Windows username.
after that reopen Edge, you might have to sign in again, hopefully it will fix it.

@HotCakeX Unfortunately that didn't work. I don't know if something got corrupted after the refresh, this was not supposed to happen.

Yes it's not supposed to happen, well you can file a feedback from inside Edge browser about this issue, hopefully it will capture additional diagnostic data that will help find the root of this problem.

I wonder what will happen if you try to change your MSFT account picture from Edge or website, it might trigger it to refresh.

@HotCakeX I sent a feedback, and after a few updates, my profile image is now showing again, but only on Canary build. I'll send a feedback within stable channel and hope the issue is fixed on it as well, thank you for the support.