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Since yesterday's Canary update, every time I start Edge Canary I get a 'Profile error - Some features may not be available. Something went wrong.' message. Although Canary then finishes launching and appears to work OK. This has continued after today's update, to 90.0.794.0, and after a re-start following a Windows 10 update, but I do not get the Profile Error message with Edge Dev or standard. Any idea how to clear it in Canary?

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Ok, feedback sent in with all the usual and this Pic.

Profile Error 2021-02-18 150834.jpg


First line of Feedback reads, ATTN: Alexandra-R



@Dennis5mile Thanks for making that super easy to find, I passed it on to the team!



Same here on Developer Version 90.0.796.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit). Also sent via FB etc.

Issue fixed for me with canary 90.0.806.0.

Great to hear, will wait to hear from some other folks in the thread and then let the team know!

@Alexandra-R The profile error seems to have been resolved for me after the update to Version 90.0.806.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) today.



Yes, Profile Error message on start-up disappeared in yesterday's (Monday's) Canary, and is still gone in today's 807. Never appeared for me in Dev, either last week or this. The issue with further middle-clicks after the first in a favourite bar folder dropdown menu not doing anything, that I reported in Canary and also last week's Dev, also appears to be fixed in both channels. :smile:

Same it's fixed in Version 90.0.807.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
things get fixed pretty quickly in Canary, kinda feels like there is no point in talking about it, like better give it few days first and then report.
because most of the times developers know the issues and are working on them but since canary is released daily they release the code without fixing the bug.
which is fine of course for this channel and Dev.

I am getting the same error in Dev, initially when opened but now  when I close.  Does not appear to affect functionality.   Have not seen this error posted on Dev channel.  Running windows 210220 and latest edition of dev edge

Maybe the fixes that were recently added to Canary will come to Dev in the next update