Problem with pinned site

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Recently, I pinned Google Translate page to my Windows taskbar via Edge.
After a while, I have opened pinned Google Translate, but I have seen the URL of page has been not true.

I pinned

but Edge has saved it:

The query string ?hl=fa has been changed to ?lfhs=2 ...!


I unpinned it and re-pinned it again. Nothing has changed.

I am using Edge Version 90.0.818.62 (Official build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Version 21H1 (OS build 19043.985)


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Maybe because Google Translate site has a PWA manifest. It can be seen in DevTools->Application->Manifest. Its start url is "/?lfhs=2". Though pinned icon is not working as a PWA, it is probably handled with same mechanism as PWA.


(PWA seems not to allow user defined start page, it opens its own start url. Similar problem is on YouTube or any PWA)


Blocking manifest.json (with ad-blocker) and then pin to taskbar seems to avoid this issue. No problem on my end, so far.

So... regarding your explanation, Google changed the GT as an PWA app and Edge did not changed mechanism of pinning sites.
It is interesting to me.
Before this Windows Update (=> 20H2), the pinned GT was working properly. After I had updated my Windows, all pinned site disappeared and it made me to pin all of them again. Since then, I faced to described problem and I have thought the changes relate to Edge.
Thanks for your attention.