Problem with microsoft edge beta version .Something Went Wrong Please Try Again After Sometime(3016)

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Something Went Wrong Please Try Again After Sometime(3016).This is the thing i can only see when i am trying to watch something online in there any solution for this.And also the main thing is its working fine in stable microsoft edge.PLEASE HELP ME OUT.

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Was the site working previously and then it suddenly stopped?


Can you see if Canary or Dev have the same issue as Beta?






Hi @UDAY_REDDY, we have filed a bug internally to investigate this website.  Any additional information you have can be added to this thread and I will move it to the bug.  Thanks - Elliot

@V-FRROME yes the site was working fine before the update.

No nothing else ,the only problem is that error of playing .That too before the latest update website was working properly.
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