Problem with Malwarebytes extension

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I'm having problem with malwarebytes extension in all channel, whenever malwarebytes extension is enable edge can't load any website and it eats a lot ram sometimes even the malwarebytes exension crash it's fine earlier though it just happens suddenly to me now. Is anyone having this problem also?

For now I just disable it to browse the internet.

Edit: It seems like it's not just an edge problem I also try it in mozilla firefox and it's also having the same problem maybe malwarebytes extension is having a problem right now.

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yeah you're probably right, it must be a malwarebyte extension problem.
because Firefox and Edge use even different engines.
if you said for example only Edge and Google chrome have problem then it could be a Chromium engine problem but when different browsers with different engines have problem, then it must 100% be on malwarebyte's end :)