Problem with iOS Edge v46.2 / Bing - incorrect country/region, will not save new choice.

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Has anyone seen an issue with Edge/Bing on iOS where it thinks you are in a different country? When I search from my iphone, it thinks I am in Great Britain and I see UK results first ( instead of I tried to fix it - I tapped the menu on the upper right hand side of my screen, tap settings, tap country/region (it shows UK), tap change your country/region, scroll down to united states and tap save. The region now shows properly (US).  I close the browser and reopen; it switches back to UK.  I also went to first via edge browser and when I search I still get the UK responses. I do not have this issue if it's browsing in private (settings show US as the country region). have tried the following:

  • clear browser data
  • uninstall and reinstall edge
  • Set my location in the settings
  • Verified it is only Bing/Edge combination, firefox and safari see me in the US using the same steps above. ( First going to and then hit the hamburger menu in the top right corner)

I do not experience this issue on my desktops (windows and macos) I get the correct results.  Any recommendations to resolve this problem? It's frustrating. 



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since you already tried clearing data and even uninstall/reinstall, I can suggest to please submit file a feedback report using the feedback feature on Edge IOS, that should send additional data to developers about your situation and help them solve it.