Problem with Edge connecting to web sites unless using complete URL


I have a problem in all versions of Edge on one Mac that I use.


If I type "" into the address bar (or any web site, using that as an example), Edge will never navigate to the page.  In the bottom left corner of the home page the message "Waiting for" appears for a few minutes, and then a page with the message Hmmm… can't reach this page" appears.


If instead I type "" into the address bar, Edge will successfully load the web page.  From that point forward I can type "" into the address bar and Edge will navigate successfully to the web page. 


It seems as though Edge is not assuming HTTP protocol on sites it has not already visited.


Perhaps I unintentionally changed a setting?  If so I can't figure out to change it back - either that or something has become corrupted


Thanks in advance for your help!  



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I turned off the beta feature in MacOS called "Private Relay" and that appears to have fixed my problem.

I realized after a lot of experimentation that no HTTP sites would ever load in either Edge or Google Chrome.

HTTP sites would load for the first few minutes after logging into my account, but then they would stop working.

This might become a problem that more people will run into on MacOS when this feature comes out of beta.