Problem with Edge Canary Build Version 96.0.1038.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)

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Edge canary is not showing some websites correctly. This has been the case since build 1036 on the computers I have canary installed See pic. There is a couple of other problems with Edge not showing the website in the correct manner.

Using Offical Edge everything is OK.


Links below to a couple of sites I have the most problems with.

Mellanskåne bygger ut – högst takt i Höör och Eslöv – Sydsvenskan

COVID Live Update: 237,089,319 Cases and 4,840,904 Deaths from the Coronavirus - Worldometer (worldo...





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Hey Anders! 


Thanks for the report, the team is aware of some incorrect display issues in Canary specifically at the moment and they're looking into it! I'm adding this post to the investigation, thanks especially for the example sites that are rendering oddly for you! =)


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My rendering problems seem to be gone with the 1043 update, many thanks for that!

I can also confirm, with the newest Canary build 96.0.1043.0 the problem is now resolved on my side as well :)