Problem: Startup Boost x Extensions Button

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It is necessary to leave the Startup Boost feature disabled otherwise if the computer is restarted the command --enable-features=ExtensionsToolbarMenu will be ignored and the extensions button will not be displayed.
Would that be a bug?

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this is not supported officially, so this could not be a bug
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I don't think it's a bug, I could use this switch for Edge features + startup boost enabled, just keep it off first, close Edge, launch Edge with the feature switch, enable startup boost and after you close Edge and reopen it, you will have your features and won't lose them.

to take care of this problem on startup, open up task manager, go to startup tab, disable Edge or Microsoft Edge in there, Don't accidentally disable Edge update or Edge updater, only disable Edge or Microsoft Edge.

with this method that I also use myself, you get the benefit of startup boost + features you forcefully enabled.

just remember to distribute the correct shortcut to Taskbar, Start menu etc.
so for example if your Edge desktop shortcut contains the feature switch, go to Start menu and taskbar and Unpin all those shortcuts. then right-click on Edge shortcut on desktop and Pin it to Start menu and Taskbar.



Thanks, it worked like you said

You're welcome!