problem playing the video on yutube. edge canary

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hi. in the latest versions of edge canary I noticed a problem. when I try to play the vidio on the yutube, nothing happens. then an error appears. the page does not respond to wait for the response to close the page. who else has this problem?

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Same problem in Version 93.0.910.5 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

@nikitat1260 check this post out, specifically the comment by @Eric_Lawrence that this should link directly to.


Re: Dev channel update to 93.0.910.5 is live - Page 2 - Microsoft Tech Community


It fixed it for me once I disabled the text cursor indicator in Windows. If you see anything other than a fully blank page on "edge://histograms/UIA" then it might be an issue with Edge + accessibility settings.




If there's some accesibility features you need otherwise, try launching Edge without accessibility and see if it fixes it. I didn't really need the text cursor indicator so I just disabled it. Windows Settings -> Ease of Access -> Text Cursor and then I unchecked Turn on text cursor indicator.




"msedge.exe --disable-renderer-accessibility" will launch Edge without accessibility settings if you want to keep them enabled for other stuff.

thank you. it helped.