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When I want to send a "feedback", by the menu or the button, Edge Canary (last version) closes as soon as I click on it
Do you have the same problem?



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Hey there! Are you still seeing this with the latest version of Canary?

Thank you for your interest in my problem

Yes, I still have the problem, I have a 60MB "dump" file that I sent in feedback from another PC (Edge Stable), but I would never get an answer

It might be a file problem on the Windows (Edge being tied to Windows for feedback), but no help decrypting the Dump file
For the machine that's closing Canary this way, is it managed by your organization or is it a personal device? Also, can you head to edge://crashes from Canary and see if the closing is being logged as a crash or if it's simply shutting the browser down?



I have no info to edge://crashes but I have file in "AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge SxS\User Data\Crashpad\reports"


And now, with the last version of canary, I have this error message




Thanks for your help

Thanks for the update! Can you check if you're able to send feedback from Stable, by chance? Also, it looks like it might be worth trying a reinstall of Canary, something funky is definitely going on there. Do you mind giving that a shot?
I tested with the Stable version, no problem

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Canary version, the first time Canary is opened, it works, if I close the browser and reopen it, the problem reappears

Thanks for your help
Just to confirm, are you still getting the error message you sent above? Or is sending feedback closing the browser the only problem persisting?

First, do make sure you file feedback about the issue from Stable, since you're able to!

Second, are you logged in to your profile on Canary? Can you try opening an In Private window of Canary and sending feedback there? (That will help identify if this is a profile issue, extension issue, or something similar)

Third, what OS and version are you on?
Thanks for your reply

I only have one profile, the default one
I always get the error message when the window closes

Same problem in InPrivate mode and I'm using Windows 10 21h2 (19044)

Thank you for the added information!

I know you've already submitted feedback, but do you mind submitting again (from Stable) with the crashpad dump file attached, and including my username and yours in the description so I can tie it to this and get it right to the team? Thank you, sorry for making you repeat yourself!
I indicated the link of this topic in the feedback
I will send another one with your "name" and mine

I found the problem, since a few versions, Canary is dependent on Windows 10 "Capture Picker" (I had a problem with this "tool"

Really too bad that Edge is more and more dependent on Windows, with an independent browser, no problem of this kind
Thanks for circling back on this. I'll pass the frustration with the Windows dependencies on to the team, we really do appreciate the feedback on things like that -- especially when they get in the way of things you're trying to do!
You're welcome

It is true that having a browser independent of the OS avoids this kind of problem.
I use the feeback via the web page while waiting for Edge to be independent from Windows to be able to use it (if MS were to go back for the use of feeback)