Problem downloading Edge insider browser

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When i download the web installer for Edge canary and then run it, it starts downloading at full speed and the loading bar fills nearly till the end but when it is about to be completed, it goes back to the start and the download restarts. this happens all over again and again, like it's stuck in a loop.

i don't know why this is happening, wasn't happening before.

I tested it on latest Windows 10 1909, on my host OS and Windows Sandbox which is a clean installation.



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@HotCakeX We appreciate you letting us know! Can you please confirm what version and package (enterprise, personal, etc.) of Windows 10 this happened on?


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I downloaded the latest version of canary Version 81.0.375.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)
from here:
the exact URL:

@HotCakeX Perfect, thank you! I'll pass that on.


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Thank you @Deleted 

would you please pass on these additional information too?


so the problem is again happening for Version 81.0.377.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit) when downloading it on a fresh Windows 10 installation


you can see it keeps downloading until this point


Annotation 2019-12-31 002158.png


and then suddenly goes back to the beginning


Annotation 2019-12-31 002241.png


you can see the Internet usage so it is downloading but for some reason it is stuck in a loop, it never finished and keeps restarting the download.

@HotCakeX Great, thanks. I looped them in and I'll let you know if they have any additional questions or insights.


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Thank you very much!

@HotCakeX If you're still encountering this, our team asks, if possible, that you:

  • Upload logs via this portal (e.g. %TEMP%\MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.log)
  • Restart Background intelligent transfer service (BITS) and see if it helps
  • If BITS can't be restarted, then reboot the machine



Fawkes (they/them)
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Yes unfortunately it's still happening, even after restarting BITS, even on fresh Windows 10 installation.
sure i will upload the log file but since it may contain personal information, would it be okay to send it using the feedback button on browser? (using my other PC)


here is how my temp folder looks like after Canary online installer has been running for at least 10 minutes and stuck in a loop

which file(s) should I upload?






@HotCakeX Thanks for continuing to look into this. The devs recently made a change that allows logging for external users. The file “MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.log” should be in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp. (And they confirmed that we do strip the log file from PII.) However, you are always welcome to submit feedback in whatever way is comfortable for you. Additionally, you can try to repro problem with feedback hub recording a “networking problem” and hopefully send useful info from BITS specific logs.






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Thank you, fantastic change,
oh it's fine, I trust Microsoft even with PII data.

so i just tried again now (canary and dev) and looks like it's all fixed now :)

btw "MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.log" isn't created when I try to download and install Edge canary on Windows Sandbox. however it is created on my host machine, logged into my MSA.

again thank you for all the follow ups and attention to this problem

@HotCakeX Wonderful, we're so glad to hear it!


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@HotCakeX To loop back, one of our devs wanted to let you know this:


MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.log can be in one of two places:

  • %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Log\MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.log -> System-wide install
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.log -> Per-user install (e.g. Canary)

An easy way to get to it is to open up a new Windows Explorer window and copy one of the two addresses to the address bar. E.g.:



Fawkes (they/them)
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Thank you very much! the new location is exactly where the log file is created when I try installing Edge canary on Windows Sandbox.





that's useful for future troubleshooting purposes :)