Problem! Cookies from China?

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Why when I have left my pc for 20 minutes am I getting cookies from MSN China? I go in and delete several cookies that get loaded when I start edge and is one of them, but it shows up again, why?  And why when I start edge am I getting cookies from China to begin with?  How to keep them from loading cookies on my PC.  I have placed them on my block list, but they still show up.....


Screenshot 2023-05-26 074949.jpg




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How do I prevent this cookie from repeatedly coming back after removal? 

As far as I can tell and have tried several different ways.... You can't. The same with They will keep coming back over and over again..... This is completely Microsoft and part of the edge team I'd say....


Been reading that this may be connected to MSN China censorship!  Has MSN US been taken over by China?  I do not have this significant concern when using Google.