Printing API for Desktop apps hosting Edge's WebView

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Hi, does Edge team have plans to provide/expose an API to control printing functionality, something similar to Internet Explorer Print Templates and IDM_PRINT etc commands?

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@noseratio, I have sent an email asking the team that own this what their plans are.  I will respond back when I hear something.  Thanks - Elliot

@Elliot Kirk Thanks! That'd be a very useful feature for corporate applications that IE always has had, unlike Chrome.

@noseratio thanks for bringing this up! Today we support printing in WebView2 (I assume you're asking about this - through calling the web API `window.print()`. See similar issue and code sample on GitHub -, and let me know if this works for you. 

@liminzhu thanks for replying. Unfortunately, window.print() is so much less than Internet Explorer's WebBrowser  hosting has to offer for printing. With IE, we had full control over pagination etc with IE Print Templates. There's nothing like that in Edge. I suppose we'll have to pursue other options like PDF. 

@noseratio if there is something you need that cannot provide, we're definitely open to take that feedback and look into supporting it. Specifically about templates, @media ( is a potential way to programmatically style your printing.