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the previous MS EDGE bookmark menu is much more easy to use, you just hover your mouse over and submenu pop up, and the auto scrolling feature is fantastic, can Microsoft consider to keep the old style menu? or at least an option to choose from?


while the new bookmark menu i notice there is a search function, but selecting and scrolling across the submenu is a big pain in the **bleep**.




i really hope the old menu can be back, or at least with an option to choose from setting.








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do you mean that if you scroll down to a certain position in favorites list, search for something, exit search and then you expect to return to the same position you scrolled down to, and not start from the top again?

@chchia I hate the new design. the chrome-style flyouts on hover worked perfectly and were much easier to navigate than this Internet explorer style crammed nested design. Now I have to click on each folder and subfolder to open them. Luckily favorite bar is still using old design. If they change that too, favorites are unusable and unmanageable for me. Please stop changing things for the worse just for the sake of it.

I really like the new design, so maybe all they have to do is to make the favorites folder expand on hover.
and also make the pinned/unpinned state remembered.
it's not a worse design, many people asked for favorite sidebar. developers actually put time to make it, why? because We the people asked for it.
so, you might as well tell people to stop sending feedback and ask for stuff.

@HotCakeX You can have sidebar with flyout panels. I don't know about how other people like to use favorites but my work kind of depends on quickly getting to different websites which are buried under different folders and subfolders. And for me more clicks for same functionality equals worse design. If some people wanted this then sure give them the feature as an option, why force this down on everyone including those who were perfectly fine with the old one? 

There can't be a button or toggle for every single aspect of UI in settings, it's just absurd.
not everything can be adjustable from the settings. the idea is to make something that suits the most users. that's how Every software is made.
like i said, they just need to make 2 changes to the new favorite design:
1. auto expand folders in favorites list
2. make the pinned/unpinned state persistent

they will speed up navigation.

@chchia I also prefer the old design, one of the main reason to switch from chrome is the simplicity of the menus on edge and the speed, the new menu is very slow in all my computers, where the other menu opens instantly on Edge 86, even with only a few favorites. I really like the option to choose between the new and old menu, since the feature has been working fine for years now, and I really doubt it will cause more work for the developers to maintain, or at least the menu should be as fast as the old one before it was pushed to the stable channel.


@whqdx wrote:

 or at least the menu should be as fast as the old one before it was pushed to the stable channel.

Totally agree. the new favorite experience isn't even supposed to show up in the stable channel.

Edge developers are not talking about this but they are running experiments in the stable channel.

I noticed it the day Edge stable went from 86 to 87.


there is no mention of this new favorite experience in the change log. it's a controlled feature rollout



I prefer the new, much better and more beautiful :)

I think new one have more potential, and convenience, Caveat is IT'S SLOW AF, but I think it would improve in future updates, since these are insider builds.


That's true, the new one has more features, like the search function for people with lager bookmark collections. Also on the search it should be a input box instead of a button, that's get selected once you open the menu instead to have to click to open the search.

There is a redundant "Add to Bookmarks Button" near one another once you open the menu(maybe for use when in side bar mode, it could be hidden where is not on the sidebar, and another thing is the 3 dots menu that should be always at the corner of the window, for UI consistence , instead of the pin button.

The old menu has a simplicity to it, it has fewer features but it add to a more classic fell to the browser, the hierarchical way to organize a folder is less distracting since you only see the bookmarks inside a selected folder. Where as the new one you ether open all the folders and let then open and scroll to find what you are looking for or let then closed and open and close when needed, adding another click to the interaction that was a simpler hover :)


@HotCakeX There could be a toggle and there should be if you are introducing a new design without warning in stable channel. Don't be patronizing and tell me if it is absurd or not, Engineers at MS will decide that. This is a feedback forum not a consensus building forum and this is my feedback that new design is worse because it slows-down my workflow and reduces productivity.


it wasn't supposed to even be in stable. I for one don't have it, I still have the old design.

Version 87.0.664.55 (Official build) (64-bit)

so they are running experiments and I asked them server times on different topics but no one answers.

I know it's not ready and I'm surprised some people are using it in stable channel.

nowhere in the change log says there should be a new favorites experience

Hey there, @chchia 


I quite like this new design for the Favorites folder. Although, I don't think it needs to include the favorites bar though, as I see this anyway. Being able to hide the favorites bar from that list would be ideal. 



@Nathan Roberts 

@Nathan Roberts wrote:

Hey there, @chchia 


I quite like this new design for the Favorites folder. Although, I don't think it needs to include the favorites bar though, as I see this anyway. Being able to hide the favorites bar from that list would be ideal. 




there are only 2 categories for favorites: 1) favorites bar 2) other favorites

you can already collapse favorites bar from the list but if you remove it, there will be only "other favorites" left.

you can't make a 3rd category, like a folder, that is on the same level as "favorites bar" and "other favorites".

so I think that's why it wouldn't make sense to hide favorites bar from the list and only work with "other favorites" folder.


i for one usually hide the favorite bar and use the favorites button to access the favorites.

Hey there, @HotCakeX 


I knew that. It depends on how you use it. I like the Favourites bar to access important places and other folders to store items I may need in future. However, I am starting to use Collections more.


Customizing the Favourites like you could do in IE11 would be good too. But I do like collections, which is taking over favourites in my opinion . If that every happened, we can blame @MissyQ  :face_with_tears_of_joy:




Ah :))
that makes sense now