Potential Improvement - Content Decryption Unproductive CPU utilisation

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Utility: Media Foundation Content Decryption Module Service consumes a lot of extra unwanted CPU as in the below screenshot it can be seen to be consuming 15% CPU in Browser Task Manager which it is consuming in vain by doing extra work of transferring the media data to the Windows Decription Module. Instead try optimizing it by sharing the bowser's media data with decryption module and render it by just drawing output frames of decryption module. This way it will be optimized like Films and Tv app which hardly consumes 1% CPU and just consumes GPU. Try to remove this middle decryption layer service as it is not performing any productive computation.


The reason this small performance issue I am highlighting is that as the playback rate increases the CPU usage of this service increases which is not a good sign. I have conveyed it through feedback.


This Video Playback through Media Foundation is a very important flag which if optimized will make it best upcoming built-in browser and this feature will also save much battery if optimized.


Edge- Media Foundation Content Decryption.png


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Video was running prefectly through GPU using both 3D and Video Decode engine.