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Hello, I wanted to start this discussion as I didn't saw threads about these issues.


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Specificly on MS Edge no matter on which version there's a seriously noticeable window drag delay when dragging the window on a touch enabled device using your finger or a pen this issue is not present when using the mouse. Also not present on Firefox or other windows apps I don't use chrome as Edge is just top notch.

I noticed that the GPU on edge does not get that much utilized compared to firefox when dragging also when the device is plugged in this issue gets weaker not gone but less noticeable might suggest that this is connected to Edges power saving measures? 


Scaling PDFs especially when drawing got slower I know alot has been changed in order to have the best performance for pdfs but maybe there can be done more to prevent these lags.


Regarding vertical tabs the animation feels really choppy and downgrades the experience a tiny bit


Hardware Specifications:

Surface Book 2


Intel UHD 620 iGPU

Nvidia geforce 1050 dGPU

16GB Ram


Do others also experience similar issues?


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Version 109.0.1496.0

Seems to do much better then the stable build while dragging the window with touch

I realized it does lag sometimes during renders but compared to the stable build its much less

Also noticed it lags slightly more when a textarea like here or a Input field is still selected


Was something done to mitigate this issue or is it pure luck?