Please for the love of God let us add domains to a deny list for audio

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Auto-playing videos on CNN are awful and should be held up as the poster child for obnoxious design.

Please let us create a list of domains (with wildcards) that are automatically muted.

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in the settings you can change the site permissions, by setting "automatic media reading" to a limit, then by visiting the sites, you should (after a few manipulations not always obvious) be able to stop the automatic distribution of the contents of the sites

@Tio_Dep I've tried that and, unfortunately, it seems to let do what it will regardless of how many times I mash the "mute tab" option.

Really, though, I don't want something like "blare audio yes/no" to be handled by machine learning.  The machine doesn't need to learn: I can just tell it.  I want to tell Edge "turn off audio for these domains".  That is not an engineering problem which requires machine learning to solve.