please enable AV1 playback like Chrome

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could you please enable AV1 playback in .webm (edit: playback via dragging the file into the browser) like Chrome has? it also utilizes dav1d 0.9.0+ which beats the pants off the Windows Store AV1 decoder for Movies & TV which i assume nobody on these MS forums is associated with or can directly communicate with...


attached is good ole Big Buck Bunny from one of the r/AV1 Discord's 8MB challenges (stuff various resolution/length videos into 8MB, which is Discord's free tier file attachment limit) @ HAV1T. it is AV1 video codec + Opus audio codec in webm (subset of the mkv spec).

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Microsoft suggests downloading AV1 video extension from its microsoft store and then you can play av1 video successfully. this is the detailed AV1 codec download guide and other suggestions.


the performance is terrible (don't think it's been updated in over a year or year and a half?). can't even play 10 bit 1080p smoothly on a Ryzen 3600 with the MS Store video extension, whereas you can play it on an AVXless (Haswell gen) Pentium G3258 (2c2t) with a recent MPC-BE or mpv. there have been at least 3 major updates with regards to speed since last december or so with dav1d.

As a matter of fact, AV1 decoding is computerintensive. Check if your GPU and CPU is capable of decoding AV1. As far as I know, Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU and Intel Tiger Lake CPU support AV1 hardware decoding. If your hardware is underpower, playing AV1 can be troublesome.

i'm very much capable of playing it. my previous non-gaming rig, a 2400G, could play 10-bit 1080p on maybe 4-8% CPU usage ...with a media player with an up to date dav1d. i can't remember what my CPU usage was on a 3600 (under 6% i believe), but suffice to say, MPC-HC and mpv could play it fine, whereas Movies & TV with the AV1 extension couldn't.


also, the AMD 6000 series can play it too, so i'm struggling to disable the hardware decoding to simulate the playback of someone without a this-year, overpriced GPU in Movies & TV

Now Edge can't even play AV1 in webm or youtube.