Please bring back Cortana in the Microsoft Launcher

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I use Cortana on the Microsoft launcher to quickly set reminders and tasks and then view them later on my PC. The standard integration of tasks with the Launcher isn't convenient when I'm in a hurry, and using other assistants doesn't sync to-do lists, reminders, and calendar events to my PC. I understand Microsoft's concept of a multi-assistant system, but other phone assistants really don't sync as nicely with Windows as Cortana does. I don't expect Cortana to have the same gimmicky capabilities as other phone assistants, but at least keep it with some basic functionality.

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Microsoft is trying to remove Cortana from Android, I don't think they will add it to the launcher.
unfortunately Microsoft wants Cortana to be a business assistance instead of an AI assistance like Google assistance that can help everyone, and not just businesses.

I would love Cortana to be on Android too but I see how Microsoft is reluctant to do it and it makes me sad.
I think this, at a minimum, is a good focus for what rwmains of Cortana.

I think she should be "retrenched" and beefed up with AI, given the best keyboard-based chat(bot) UI/UX in addition to contexrual voice-based interactivity and after some more analysis between users and Cortana's voice functionality and all the improvements possible, and the upcoming changes rolling out improved versions of Windown (X) and Microsoft Launcher based disteibutions of Android and the nice sandboxing of the application environments coming with Windows X and Windows on ARM64, etc, such as the SQ1 SOC with the enhanced AI silicon, that seems like a good time to maybe launch an enhanced "Cortana 2.0"



Cortana 2.0 is already here, accessible in Windows 10 insider fast and slow ring


but not sure about its enhancements though, you be the judge :)






OK, then I guess I meant "Cortana 3.0/4.0" as a good "breakpoint/evolutionary-time-to-insert-new-functionality" into Cortana in Cloud/Azure/Windows (10/10X/CoreOS/Android(Microsoft Launcher)) I hope that clarifies what I "meant" to say! xD

Haha yeah :))
I want this too. Or, if Cortana is dying Everywhere outside of her role as the "assistant" for Office 365 (or is it Microsoft 365?) then can we have Google implement her features for Reminders and Notifications and all that sync with Cortana's Notebook in the cloud and on PC? As well as in Microsoft Launcher 6.x?
Yes that's exactly what's happening sadly. Microsoft thinks normal consumers of Windows 10 that account for majority of Windows 10 market share, don't need an AI assistance, so that's why they are making it more useful for businesses and enterprises.