Please address the following issues in the browser

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Hey team,

Hope all are doing great.

I have some pieces of feedbacks to share which have not been fixed yet. Please consider working on them and fixing since some affect the experience for someone who is switching from the Legacy Edge to the new Edge:

  1. Splash Screen in place of white screen when launching Edge
  2. White flash appears in following cases:
    1. On browser & Edge app launch
    2. Shifting tab to new window
    3. reopening tab which has been suspended
  3. Scroll bar redesign similar to one displayed in internal pages.
  4. Taskbar peek when in full screen, similar to the Legacy Edge.
  5. Certificate viewer redesign to show the contents in dark mode.
  6. Chromium Upstream Emojis to be removed and only OS ones to be showed.

Please consider working on them soon. These changes are small but will make for a huge improvement.


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