Please add "undo" feature to PDF inking

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Add "undo" feature to PDF inking so that when we accidentally erase/remove something (inking, highlight etc) we be able to undo it, also would be useful to use the "undo" feature for when we add inking so instead of using eraser we just undo the action.

the undo feature can either be tied to the usual CTRL + Z shortcut or a button on the PDF toolbar in Edge.

(also sent using feedback button on Edge)

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@HotCakeX Love that suggestion! And thanks for submitting feedback, our PDF team should be reviewing it shortly. :)


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Thanks, You're awesome! :)


Hi! Adding undo sounds great, but I can no longer highlight text in the new version of Edge when I use my Surface stylus pen, and that, to me, is even more important. Drawing with a pen is the only annotation tool and it doesn't work well when you want to highlight text. I really hope MS will hurry to make the PDF annotation tools become like in the old version of Edge! Inking/ annotating in the old Edge was a wonderful tool, which I used a lot in my work. And which I miss a lot now. Do you know when things might be «back to normal»?

i comment so microsoft will see this please it is so frustrating
please fix
i comment so microsoft will see this please it is so qwffrustrating ascasc sd
"Legend has it that the pdf review team is still in process of reviewing the undo feature"
Its been more that a year and still no progress I guess. I'm just wondering how this pdf viewer went out into production in the first place without such a basic operation of Undo.

It's been over a year and Microsoft still hasn't changed this. Please get on it! It cancels out all the usefulness of the annotate feature. I'm going to have to switch to different apps soon....

welp... 2 years and still waiting for the pdf guys

@neighborsgoose :( I switched over to Xodo PDF reader. It's free and has all the same features plus more. But yeah, disappointed in Edge.


I better check it out, acrobat doesn't really treat my wallet well :)

4 years later....