Please add "MULTI-COLUMN" Dropdown FAVORITES option...


If you like the single-column dropdown, that's fine, but for the love of heaven, it's practically UNUSABLE for me.


I've been using browsers that display a favorites folder on the Favorites Bar in Multi-columns when you click on it's folder and then it drops down, instead of a single-column for some 25 YEARS.
It is SO MUCH easier to see all the favorites in that folder, than the cumbersome "scroll" the single-column way you have currently.


Can you please add the option at least to display the dropdown in multiple columns?
Though, you really should replace the single-column, it's entirely inferior to a multi-column display of the favorites in that folder.


BTW, I literally can't use this browser until this is fixed, and I want to use this browser now.


See from this picture what I'm talking about....  It's SO MUCH easier to view our Favorites.

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I second this Suggestion, I don't have many Favorites so I can't relate but really after looking at that Picture I can tell, this is really convenient feature for people with lots of Favourite.
This is a very needed feature. When a bookmark gets large enough it's very painful to find a saved bookmark.