Please add "MULTI-COLUMN" Dropdown FAVORITES option...

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If you like the single-column dropdown, that's fine, but for the love of heaven, it's practically UNUSABLE for me.  I've been using browsers that display a favorites folder on the Favorites Bar in Multi-columns when you click on it's folder and then it drops down, instead of a single-column, for some 25 YEARS.

It is SO MUCH easier to see all the favorites in that folder, than the cumbersome "scroll" the single-column way you have currently which is so old it's like from the FIRST Internet Explorer.


Can you please add the option at least to display the dropdown in multiple columns?
Though, you really should replace the single-column, it's entirely inferior to a multi-column display of the favorites in that folder.


BTW, I literally can't use this browser until this is fixed, and I want to use this browser now.

I've now switched, but I really need this fixed ASAP...  I'm taking the time to organize my Favorites, but, it won't be enough, I have too many.


See from this picture what I'm talking about....  It's SO MUCH easier to view our Favorites.



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I second this Suggestion, I don't have many Favorites so I can't relate but really after looking at that Picture I can tell, this is really convenient feature for people with lots of Favourite.
This is a very needed feature. When a bookmark gets large enough it's very painful to find a saved bookmark.
Ya, it's an absolute MUST...

I can't even find an "Extension" that does similar. Found just "one" that sort of does similar, but it's so incomplete and needs many changes that I don't even know if I can use it.
Even if I do massive cleaning which I've started, I'm STILL going to have too many that I need this.

I mean, over 20 years I've been using Multi-Columns, and yet Edge decides to put in a Favorites Dropdown that's like from the original Internet Explorer, not at all a "Modern" browser function.
Anyway, thanks for the support.

I've also updated the post image... so it shows in the post.