Please Add Profile Customisation in Settings (Suggestion)

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In Chromium based browser, there have a separated settings page for Customise Profile (Google Chrome: chrome://settings/manageProfile). However, in Microsoft Edge does not have this settings page.

In Customise Profile, user can customise the profile name, profile picture and also create a desktop shortcut to access directly to a specific profile.

Although user can create desktop shortcut by using command line, but it is difficult for some users and sometime will cause error (Users can find shortcut at %AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\ImplicitAppShortcut). Then if users access a profile, users need to choose profile in Profile at left of 3-dot (More options).

Below pictures show the Customise Profile Settings Page.

chrome-settings-manageProfile 1.png

chrome-settings-manageProfile 2.png


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