Please add a way to keep login cookies when clearing history


[edit: the shorter version is: "I would like a cookie whitelist"]


I'd like a way to clear history and cookies, while still keeping select cookies such as login cookies from trusted sites. CCleaner offers this for a few browsers (not Edge Chromium yet), but it would be nicer if Edge could do this natively. 


It would be extra fantastic if Edge could recognize likely login cookies (e.g. cookies set right after a user successfully uses the stored passwords list) and suggest to the user to keep those. 

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You can clear cookies separately without clearing history. you can do it in the Edge insider settings, privacy section


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Also, you can see individual cookies and delete them one by one if you don't want to delete all of them.

you can do so from here:



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I'm doing it on Edge insider Canary Version (Official build) canary (64-bit)


if you are using a different channel such as Beta and Dev, you have to wait for this update to be pushed to those channels.


P.S deleting cookies one by one won't ask you for confirmation, so it is the same as having check boxes next to each cookie (like in ccleaner), you won't have to do any extra clicks. clicking once is the same for selecting and deleting a cookie.


by the way about CCleaner, it's been recently put on Microsoft's blacklist, because of it's malicious behaviors and the fact that it had malware inside it before. that program has a feature called registry clean up which is destructive and causes many unwanted problems in windows. I was myself a user of that program but few years ago stopped it, specially since they introduced "active monitoring" (which can be turned off but still) and I also experienced lots of problems after running that tool. Windows 10 1903 (latest ver) already contains automatic tools that run in the background periodically and they take care of registry and things like that.


hope that helps :)

Hey, thanks for all that! I definitely learned something new. Unless I misunderstand though, it doesn't do what I want. I want to mark specific cookies as "trusted" (and do that only once) so that they will not be deleted when I clear cookies. That way I can always use the one-click "clear cookies" to purge all unwanted cookies, while keeping the trusted ones.

CCleaner allows us to set up such a cookie whitelist for Firefox, Chrome, and the old Edge, making clearing cookies a way better experience. That's the functionality I hope Edge Chromium will copy.

I totally agree.

There needs to be a way to preserve cookies from deletion (either manual deletion or auto deletion on close).

Some extensions make use of cookies and it is a hassle if you set Edge to autodelete on close and those extension cookies are gone.

Manually deleting cookies one by one is not a solution.