Playing Video Catton Browser-integrated Microsoft translation is not easy to use

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播放视频卡顿 浏览器集成的微软翻译并不好用

Playing Video Catton Browser-integrated Microsoft translation is not easy to use


我这边使用 edge decv 看1080p60fps 视频会比较卡顿

I use edge decv here to watch 1080p60fps video will also compare Caton


在使用微软翻译集成在edge dev 中的翻译插件时 翻译比较难用

不过edge dev 相比谷歌浏览器  还是很流畅的  很期待用上beta版本

Translation is more difficult when using Microsoft Translator's translation plugin integrated in edge dev

However, edge dev is still very smooth compared to Google Chrome. I am looking forward to using the beta version.


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使用html5视频时图像撕裂 就仿佛像玩游戏没有开启同步垂直 Image tearing when playing video with html5 It’s like playing a game without turning on sync vertical
in youtube videos or particular website?
is hardware acceleration on or off?
what's your GPU?
have you tried the Canary build? it has more updates and fixes.



Is this website 

 html5 没有硬件加速选项吧

Html5 has no hardware acceleration options


This problem does not appear on youtube


没有试过金丝雀版本  害怕不稳定

Didn't try the canary version, afraid of instability


If the Canary version fixes this problem

希望官方尽快更新 dev版本 修复这个问题

I hope the official update the dev version as soon as possible. Fix this problem.




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Obviously i can't test 1080p 60FPS videos on that website, they need some kind of premium account. on 480p i haven't seen any screen tearing.
Don't be afraid, Canary is Not unstable. it's better than the Dev. Dev channel always falls behind with a lot of problems that are already fixed in Canary.
I'm not talking about HTML5, go to edge://settings/system and see if the hardware acceleration is on or off.

so now what you can do is to try the canary first with hardware acceleration on and then off. if the problem still persists, go to Radeon settings and set V-sync option to defaults if it's not.